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Outro (Mike Will Made-It)

Ransom man, I know y'all been waiting on this motherfucking summertime shit, me too This shit gonna be hard Man... shit gon' be crazy Alright, why don't we play it at Chergen (sp?) That shit gon' be crazy What you gon' do? You gon' go on tour? What your songs so how you gon' do that? Shit man my work on tour... like a super tour or some shit Fuck it, a super tour motherfucker Yeah but the streets will On an all star tour The streets want a super tour Yeah that shit'd be crazy We done made it out the basement. Made it out the motherfucking basement, dawg. Now we holding the motherfucking game for ransom. Got so many songs that these songs came from, I really been tryna pick the tracklist since the summer. bout your girl or nothing, I'll hold her for ransom too You gon' give em the game back or what? If they do what Man I'm just tryna figure it out I'm a give y'all the game babe. Holdin' the game for ransom...