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Hand Me The Keys To Massey (Me vs Hero)

Listen in everybody gather 'round The flames are rising but the heat is growing cold This is life and it's the strangest thing Whether we win, we stay ground to where we begin And this will be the hardest that they will fall Finger painting with the bloodstains on our hands (Don't shoot the messenger! ) So close your mouth and open your eyes We're only gonna say this once and it will be the last time (Don't shoot the messenger! ) (Let's crack this up, I'd never know! ) We'd kill and we'd roll onto the settlers Clenched fists and our hearts beating overtime This city needs us to stand right by it, tell us what we never said (This night is ours, swing fists throw palms, let's do this right here our way! ) Tell us what we never said So load your lips and pull your tongue, Words hurt most with a poison-tipped bullet (Raise your glass, you gained access to the upper class! ) We're never strong enough to hold our own beliefs cut through this wire We're over this, reset the score We're over this, we're done with this