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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Wergild (Arghoslent)

Their honor drove them into battle Taking the lives of the weak K9lling for conquest and power Life for the English was bleak The Vikings... Murder was handled by wergild Death was their only holy feast Vikings were great and fearless warriors The bloodshed and killing would never cease The Battle... To die, in battle Would send them to Valhalla The fear, of death Would destroy them eternally Valhalla, was the only afterlife Charging into battle With no pain or life If they died in fear They would fall to hell Never to fight again Never to drink as well The war, with the English The dragon ship brought fear throughout the land King Alfred, was the only hope To free England from their bloody hand King Alfred defeated the Vikings He freed the English from their bloody hand The Vikings moved on further north To conquer a far more weaker land Wergild...