Reason (Shaaman)

Strange how summer blossoms Blew away so late this year Falling from above, so soft as snow All around you The days, I'd like to bring back Side by side with you And peer through that old black window And see red-blue skies so near, but Say the world And I'll be ready to make a sacrifice Stay - Don't turn around There's only one reason All my life I wished I was here Looking for a chance to cry out All the pain that turned me into stone And thoughts that haunt me Day by day The word is now I'm ready to make my sacrifice Pray - Imagine all the things That I never talked about Stay - Don't turn around You're the only one Won't you save me, take me away There's no more reason to hide Try to make a stand It's not only tears in my eyes Somewhere I'm all alone... Without you Won't you save me, take me away I've felt so lost as I've tried Hold me, help me stand Don't mind The tears in my eyes Someday we'll pass away Is there a time to go by? Take a breath and smile Fortune is to be alive For apparently no reason