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Minding Ones Business (The Evens)

One everybody clear your mind and take a breath Two everybody wipe your eyes and take a sip Three everybody look away but trust yourself Four everybody know the way you know yourself Five everybody lose the map of dicipline Six everybody rediscover understand Seven everybody see yourself as you come in Eight everybody turn around and start again On the floor is a lie follow it or intwine You can't run so walk it You can't walk so crawl it you can't crawl your falling you can't fall your falling Sometime you'll find that your going forward backwards On the wall is a sign say the words or define if you could read it you could concive it and stop repeating defeated being is high along ride On the mind is a mind think of it or combine it does affect you it does connect you watch it reflect you you want to protect it sometime you'll find that it's foudn before you seek do you ever wonder where it is your wondering?