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Leaps & Bounds (House vs. Hurricane)

Okay, so I'm not sure exactly where I should begin. But I guess we could always start by turning off the television. Struggling to justify what I find in the way we live our lives. We're not afraid of the subtlety, Within our dreams we'll speak the place we see. I found my strength at an early age to free me from this cage. So I refuse to be included, Rather simply choose to elude it. It seems I'm failing to connect... with a system fundamentally and morally defect. Their stories have since been written, but what I question is, at who's decision? It's hidden in the mystery of our adjusted history Where we only find misery. But I know it doesn't stop what we can be. Our hope is exponential if we can reach our full potential. Although our bodies grow stiffer with time Let's not let the same thing happen to our minds. To our minds... As long as we are human we are bound to make mistakes. As long as the lessons that we learn are the ones that we'll take away. As long as we are human, we are bound to make mistakes as long as the lessons that we learned are the ones that we'll take away. Free thinking within free thought, Holding back with our words unspoken. I won't apologize for what I feel is right. Still- something inside of me screams and I feel it's weight on top of me...