Travelling Show (Jason Eady)

Uncle John's tapping on an old buzz saw Crazy cousin Junior's still sleeping in the hall Sister's making breakfast in a frying pan Papa's walking around drinking whiskey in a can Chorus: The sun's coming up but the rooster won't crow He hung his head a long time ago The train won't stop and the whistle won't blow It's the end of the line for the travelling show The end of the line for the travelling show Well there's one lone wagon wheel laying in the lawn And an old dog gnawing on a rattlesnake bone And a beat up building that's locked up tight Somebody burned it down again late last night (Chorus) There's a master of puppets and a medicine man He used to play around in Uncle John't band He burned up like a fire in a pouring down rain On a half pint of whiskey and cheap cocaine (Chorus)