Waiting To Shine (Jason Eady)

I've been up and down this highway and I don't have a single thing to show Except these words that I'm singing, I found them by the side of the road Somewhere in Amarillo I think somebody left them behind Well finders are keepers and I'll take all the keepers I can find Chorus: Words are like diamonds The best ones are the hardest to find Buried in the bottom of the coal Just waiting to shine When I got home this evening I was worried about things she might say See I've left her alone lately driving on to another place to play But she just whispered in my ear exactly what I needed to hear tonight So let tomorrow be tomorrow because I know everything's gonna be alright (Chorus) I've got friends and I've got heroes and you know I love them all just the same But I don't think I've ever told them all the things I need to say Maybe one day I'll know the words that I'm trying to find But for now I'll keep on searching, digging deeper down this old coal mine (Chorus)