When The Money's All Gone (Jason Eady)

Good time Charlie's on the evening news The party's gone public grab your dancing shoes Pass it around till we all get stoned We'll all come down when the money's all gone Everybody's living everybody's high Everybody's selling so buy baby buy Everything's had and nothing is owned And round it goes until the money's all gone Chorus: When the money's all gone we'll get back to work Get back in the garden get back in the dirt It's an I'll wind that doesn't blow some good We can put it back together the way that we should It might not be the worst thing after all When the money's all gone There's only so much that can go around The top goes up but the bottom goes down Call it what you want to tell me I'm wrong We'll all find out when the money's all gone (Chorus) Lose a little you can scream and shout But you've got to lose big before they bail you out They'll buy the bank so they can take your home They don't need you anymore when the money's all gone