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Wild Eyed Serenade (Jason Eady)

I'm a fly by night stealer, a folk singing junkie I get high when I can't find my way I heard Colorado is good to my kind Maybe I'll go there someday Well my rhymes are getting tired and my allusions are worn I'm a preacher with nothing to say So talk to me Dylan, show me a sign Before I get carried away Chorus: Angels and highways and old mountain songs The mandolin plays and the tremolo's long Cloudy next mornings crawl under the night's parade It's a hell of a ride, this wild eyed serenade Heroes and villains, black and while ramblers Sinners they're just trying to hide Movers and shakers who talk too damn loud When I just want to stop for the night (Chorus) Melodies linger off in the distance And mix with those words in my head The phone is still ringing, why won't she answer It must have been something I said (Chorus)