Beautiful Things (Bahamadia)

(Verse One) Everytime I pick up a paper or turn on the tube a news flash another youth passed school ground's a bloodbath Politicians caught in sex scames Major sports figures in and out of rehabs Holy war with Jews and Arabs Recalls and cutbacks feature story go to those who gay bash Bolemic and anorexic actors and actresses swappin' secrets on their freakiest fetishses Pedophile predators on the interent Numerous reports of preteen sex 30 second updates on side effects of modern medicine Rap veteren turn convicted felon Domestic violence rate excellin' embezzlement the deficit negligence More serial killings gang related death still in existence Mosquitoes dead crows and the viruses that they're inflicted with road rage incidents it's sickenin' (Hook) Talk about beautiful things a little bit Talk about beautiful things a little bit Talk about beautiful things a little bit Talk about beautiful things a little bit (Verse Two) Jon Benet Ramsey chaos mayhem Tragedy koslovo victims Third world country casualties Phen Phen and Herbalife may not reduce calories Corporate downsizin' cut wages and salaries rich men catchin bodies get away on technicality Collogen injection lypo suction plastic surgery Organized crime bosses depicted as marytars Child care slaying underage baby aborters Authorities do search and seize without court orders Unlawful acts caught on camcorders Pollutents in the water Suicide manslaughter father preforming incest on his daughters Drug lords combatting over street corners Hit and run arson prey on senior citizens Gossip columinists feed off lies and who be living 'em Note to commentator while you at the poduim present us wit some healthy options (repeat hook) (Verse Three) Media slogan we uphold negative promotion to pigeon hole attention of the weak and the hopeless Tellin' lies through vision thinking no one is decodin' it few who do will get descredited for even noticin No wonder generation X remains emotionless misinformed then entertained on ignorance by hyppocrites Circultaing seediness validated by leadership whoses primary motive is to make the public more obedient Everybody plays the fool Sometimes the main ingredient used in ploy confirming what was stated previous But if the anchor realizes his position is a gift he'd truly honor what his mission is.. (Repeat Hook)