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Carry On (Whiskey Rebels)

It's not fair to want to die When so many fight to live Far worse off than you or I with nothing left to give I'm older and I'm wiser, I'm closer to death with a chip on my shoulder that's causing me stress Or is it a boulder, a weight on my chest So easy to get stuck, forget that I'm blessed. If you're in the game, you're in the game, play by it's rules If you walk the walk, talk the talk, you'll never play the fool. Why? Why do I still try? Why do I still fight! Why do I desire? Pictures on my wall inspire me Some need Machiavelli and some need jesus christ and some read in between the lines and carry on the fight If you get hit up you get hit up, you're never backing down You walk the walk, talk the talk, so take it to the ground. I don't know why I still try Well I don't care if I live or fucking die But I look to your eyes Sets me free of my desire