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Broken Parachute (Northstar)

One thousand feet in the atmosphere you're there and losing light Shrinking skin wishing death on worthless liars and beauty queens One million hours from the city where the lights wont burn our eyes That's where the wild things are that's where gold falls from the sky. So take this gun and load it slowly point it straight up at the sky Mark the spot where you stand cause it will come back down at the end of July And it's not fair I know somewhere my life won't be like this. Pulling out the poison with a kiss on the bottle's lips Ride fast from the cast holding the monsters underneath your bed Hiding out for weeks on end Jumping down on their bruised hands Jumping down on the weak end I forever I win Standing straight in the firefight reading liars their rights. Shooting at the dark and things you never see kiss the ring and punch your knees Run until you can't breathe they can't catch up without hearts they don't believe in that sorta thing And somewhere between here and there there's billboards and silver spoons and the phones won't stop ringing. My heads reaming…I am famous… and then I wont care at all about anything just like you… I'm just like you I don't care at all about anything…