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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Shanes Song (Avery)

All these feelings Building up in me Driving me insane Making me crazy And never have i Felt so alone Where i don't feel the warmth Inside my home I used to have ur shoulder to lean on But somehow U pulled it away What do i do now Then i came to see What i didn't want to believe That you Were never there for me I needed u Beside me But u just Denied me Of that feeling Or love I wanted you to Hold me But instead u Just told me U were busy So i had enough And now i'm gettin up my strength Changin my love for u to hate And mending up my heart So i can move on I'm independent Don't need you 'cause i can see through All ur bullshit I've had enough of that And i don't want to Belong to Anyone Especially u When u dont have the decency to call Pick me up if i fall Or even pretend Like u care I'm outta here