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Hello Lamewads (Roper)

Feel the burn and the fury of my pen feel the fire, as I fan the flames again brace yourself for the mediocre Hail the king of the almost good enough nothing bold, nothing's flying off the cuff things might change, but don't hold your breath yet Try floating with the flow, try not to run too slow be average, not below, Let's go [Chorus:] Hello lamewads, I'm with you raise your fists if this rings true Hello lamewads, never quite our best or finest hello lamewads, I'm predicting a C minus, now. Hello lamewads, hello. Like a shoelace slowly coming loose like a flashlight running out of juice save your necks, with some lame excuses I'm neither friend or foe, I'm never going pro does this sound apropos? Let's go. Niether hot nor cold this is getting old.