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Quicksilver (Roper)

On Friday night I came awake like an alarm clock Some shaking junkie's begging out on the sidewalk And I could not allow my eyes to meet his deep fear that my soul may still betray me As if my will had always kept me steady as if I hadn't caved in already [Chorus:] Quicksilver, quicksilver Shadows dodge and fade something less than why we're made This vacant emptiness, this hollow is eating stabs through my side like thorns, so defeating The glint of gold, sparks of silver, shining the slightest breath of why we're pining We take the crumbs like our hearts are at peace We are far too easily pleased I need this burning inside me this brilliant aura, this electricity I'm being haunted by spectres of what might be of imperfections, of nearness to beauty As life butchers, so sweet yet so sickening we have betrayed, for each tiny flickering