Red Eye To Miami (Roper)

Underwater, trapped inside a sinking bunker twenty-five feet below a german Junker Doctor Venom points the 30 Browning gotta stop his plan, gotta save themselves from drowning Kwinn turns to Snake Eyes, and winks his eye the water's getting higher, gotta make a break or die Cross yourself for the Virgin Mary don't turn your back on a mercenary [Chorus:] The first one dead gets his body plundered they hit the beach at o-six-hundred Saving the world, while the world's asleep get your American Flags while they're still cheap It's do or die dropping from the sky Pack your camies red eye to Miami Some German bomber circa World War Two just enough fuel for a three man crew Trigger finger itching from the lack of sleep from Sierra Gordo to Miami Beach Venom has some toxin for your twenty dollar bills but Snake Eyes is a Ninja from the Yokohama hills; Better pray hard that this plane don't land Or he's gonna throw down like it's Vietnam