Vendetta! (Roper)

Alright! Put your glasses on, baby I've been cutting coupons lately And might I say that you are looking so fine girl we'll stay put until the crack of nine little girl At the cakewalk, just like Matlock [Chorus:] Shake it all night rock it like you're eighteen make it alright, busting back on the scene Vendetta, vendetta! Put your dentures in, sweet-talker I just painted flames on my walker I'll pick you up at 6 AM we'll show off to our jealous friends You'll wear lipstick, I'll wear depends At last we shall have our revenge We'll stage dive from as high as we can climb I hope that I don't bust my hip, this time I'll buy you anything less than a dime At the rock show, like Barry Manilow All hell can't stop us now We shall have our revenge