Action (Saukrates)

Record mode "Action!!" We taping? Are we roling? Yes sir God damn Who's the hip hop... Who's the hip hop That's action Give it to me I'm the hip hop drug, you want a hit give me a minute I'm leaving your brain tinted, with scores of metaphor Lyrical glim-fitted, bringing you sweet misery Like sugarcane mixed with history Kissing the sun could never blister me Jesus, I said Jesus, will you relieve us? A critic commentators who never believe us Achieve trust, never gamble on expectation Unless you in the future, got some kind of blood relation, ya dig Potent rhyme moonshine, yo take a swig Got a vegetarian dreaming of microwaving pig Secular soul, the regular man's in a hurry While I'm chilling in the studio eating iguan and curry You're a pussy ass motherfucker (hell ya!) I said you're puss ass motherfucker (hell ya!) I get your flask, flipping my words backwards Attach judge, either leaving the jury with the lackluster, impression When I'm on trial for obsession With the death of them MC's progression, learn your lesson And search for the antibotic, I hook on cigarettes and coffee Like you should get hooked on phonics Before the thought of approach crosses your mind I find your method of wackness, sending constant reminder Your style's bullshit, your style's bullshit! Want a key to be an MC, here's the full kit Now that's action (action! what) (4x) Now that's act... this gonna take a minute, relax son Play the government up in your ass to tax one Unlawful MC, reach unlawful degree Saukrates tear up, enemy by enemy gees Something like a phenomenom, ghetto serial trauma don Pain of acid rain, target the skin I drop the bomb, fuck it I'mma keep my jones irregular So don't act surprised of Saukrates is checking ya And even with your dogs protecting ya Disgrace printed on your face You had 'em saying 'dogs forgetting ya' (Blah, blah, blah) Representation's bizarre, my mind to my mouth Shiny G watch to a guitar Never ghetto superstar, rather ghetto entrepeneurly czar I'm twelve under, you're checking in at twelve over par Toke a cigar and start travelling I know it's potent son, I see your dreads unravelling I have battled men who sculptured knowledge and culture But poisonous dialects exposing cadavers to vultures Excue me for being blunt while you get blunted But in the words of Biggie 'hunt me or be hunted' Now that's action (action! what) (4x) Can't fuck with this