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Devil In A Blue Dress (DJ Muggs)

Word up! Yeah! la the darkman youknowhati'msayin' Word up! takin' you on this expedition, tropicanty Word up! the underworld mission Youknowhati'msayin' Revolution, yo Check it out, yo The la's invincible You thug cats i'ma stab on pricipal Better off dead workin' with a glass, go ahead You got star dream on a corner drinkin' gasoline My man threw you up in a fiend no contest Dunn I'm bless and knew a devil in a blue dress Dunn I'm bless and you a devil in a blue dress Youknowhati'msayin', word up! la the dark... Yo, this brilliant companion peace to the original Approach my slang and end up in critical condition When I let my shell I ain't missin' Technician, you get stabbed back in position I know that money bring bitches and bitches on to be trusted Some rappers sniff coke and others be gettin' dusted City lights, a minute with new books to read I feed my man lock down, my physicals and my seeds I ain't got shit, while you rap niggas be playin' wigs And you the vegas in the ditch, makin' life cold switch I'm invincible, you get dead before you start My night for sharp, push raps spikes to your art La fight dirty, I strike first I snatch it a purse Inside my verse, takin' to the edge of the earth And throw you over, son you drunk I smack you sober Assassin, blastin' enough your range rover Triple darkness, yo, expedition Yo, I'm from a long weeded stick up Kids, coke and hustlers Gars for cars, strong arms, tech dusters The streets got me in a ocean deep Khuan I'm leap, a bum told me life is cheap My lyric's dancin', lamp and eatin' fish in a wu mansion Apart place i'ma dance and only my wiz I'm romancin' Hostted all you chicken niggas get rosted I read manuscrip in 97 whips hells is tosted I say some my minute your benz and get benit My guns get more open than a enveloppe with money in it Where I live it's only crack, fiends and dirty jeans Shorties on the block with the platinum drug dream Everything in our seems I got bagged at 14 On a highway runin' guns outta new orleans It's la, what you think them niggas trimbellin' pink Stumblelin' you a cat to turn tough on a drink Keepin' you lifted remenisce on what chris did Pull out the mac and shop for a cat in a scebelian Right in front of the buildin' with kids playin', shelly's playin' On the second floor shelly mom's prayin' Got cough by a stray in a window in broad day And she die, fucked up and had to be that way It was a drunk nigga who done it Word up! youknowhati'msayin', yo Word up! La trapicanty, youknowhati'msayin' You kids better walk straight and masked that you high Youknowhati'msayin' or you be the next to die Word up! sendin' hands to our live Youknowhati'msayin' word up! Triple darkness Supreme, word up! Power for my whole unit