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Lord of Nightmares (Holy Knights)

There's a dream that troubles my mind tonight A vision of what will be happening? I'm tryng to hold the fear in me That this dream 'comes reality! I pray the Godhead for my soul Am I loosing the way of faith?I can't just deny all those dreams That warp my mind anyway. Dark shadows are imprisoning me They're bringing me to hell in suffer and pain How many damned burn in the flames They're screaming and twisting in demons land. Welcome to hell; now your soul is mine I can't escape from those gloomy voices Welcome to hell pray for your new lord I don't want to be slave to your evil power. Why is this happening to me again? I spent all my life for peace My land will not fall in blood I'll fight against the evil coming. The lord of my nightmares is really here With this horde of demon that are flying to me Oh please my God guide my horse I'll grasp my sword, I'll pray for my soul. Now it's time to fight; I will take your soul I woun't be defeated; I'll fight my holy war Don't dare to contrast the lord My God is the only one, I'll gave him my soul. Now my battle is finally won My hard mission is at the end A new page of legend now is written My name will remember this I'm riding my horse through my holy land Wherever the peace forever will reign I hold my hand high to the sky I hearing the angeles, now I can die Mighty warrior, live your life for peace I feel like reborn to another life Mighty warrior, spend your time for me Is really the ending of nightmares lord dreams Mighty warrior, are you ready to see? A great shining angel is coming to me Mighty warrior, your soul is flying to me He's brought me to heaven beyond I'll see...!