Black Roses (Barrington Levy)

Black Roses in my Garden,black, black roses,in my garden. To keep and care it, you got to water it, To keep and care it, you got to water it, I´ve been travelin´ all over this world, I´ve never seen no other Black rose in no other garden, so you see my garden is so special. Black, black roses in my garden x4 To keep and care it you got to water it, Got to keep the earth so cool, Cause something special in my garden. Sure you got to water it, water it you got to do the best you can do, cause no other garden is so special like this, black roses is in my garden, Black roses, i´ve got to water it my garden is so nice something special, special in my garden, black,black roses in my garden sure, sure, i´ve got to stay, and take good care of the roses, go to see, go to see that´s so special to me my garden, my garden is so special, black, black roses blooming in my garden