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Glory On The Battlefield (Exmortus)

Time the essence Breathe unto me The strength of our fathers I hear in the winds The call of my ancestors Their voices echo for the chaos to end So hear me now Call for our freedom and honor They may take our lives But never will they strip us Of our spirits as warriors There now do I see my fathers And their fathers before them Great spirits let our story and our strength Forever be burned in history And if we fall may we meet in the great halls Where the spirits of true warriors shall live on Forever The past It flows through my veins With the wrath of the ages That brings pulse to my heart The power and the might to Stand forth and fight for freedom So that one day our children will know peace We will ride into battle No fear shall eclipse our eyes Death shall not be not be feared but fear us The valleys will drink of our enemy’s blood Glory Let them hear our battle cry Glory We will ride on Through the night Let them hear us For our glory’s sake Stand up and fight for freedom and glory again So that our stories are retold And light up those midnight skies Where do you find the right To lay your weary head down and die Rise till you take your last breath And fight till your glorious end Rise up take your last breath Glory shall be ours