Storms (Exmortus)

Storms Shall reign upon our hearts and minds To watch us fall Determination and the will of many shall overcome Our tears that have only forced our will and might Into this past that binds and keeps Our glorious dreams from breathing life Across these sacred lands And ancient battlegrounds Into an empty shell That we ourselves have yet to fill We fall into false sense And only strive to stand, And fight until that final day We’ll rise above… ALL! The call to arms is at present hand, Before us all lies our own lives To die with honor and the will to strive We’ll show them all that we as one carry honor, Pride and our banners high No mortal man shall strip us of this day When we shall reign in glory… Forward march into blistering might Throughout the ages and through the night Forward, to Isengard Forward storms of Isengard Forward, to Isengard Forward storms of Isengard