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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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All Of Me For All Of You (Deas Vail)

I'm only a seed in your hand I'll never be big enough But the smallest of parts in your plan Is bigger than anything I know So I give you all I am And you poured out your heart over me and you'd do it again And again So I sigh with my burden And you play me songs of nurture And you say I'm the lucky one And I don't see everything I'm should So I give you all I am And I wont be afraid of mistakes that I've made Cause I know you understand And every time I come around to this place I can see my self thinking of jumping the spaces Between loving hearts but I never make it So I fall to the bottom and reach up my hands To the lord of forgiveness of this mortal man I'm the king of confessions But I promise that's not in my plan Not in my plan Oh but I'm trying to go on In breaking through walls that don't belong, yeah Show me love Love cause he shows me love Oh my GOD Giving back to you my GOD Putting this back on the shelf And turning away for good this time