Imprisoned In Forgotten Dungeon (Inner Fear)

When light is melting till last solid seed And shadows start to reign my tiny world Waiting for the splendid horror Sacrificing consciousness I bear I don’t need no fading world Just visions, whispers in the air They unite, unveiling the darkness Acting so perfectly, feeding me well Suddenly I’m comprehending the reason Reason I’m left here to rot in this hell And only shadows reign my tiny world My restless dreams embracing them again Waiting for the splendid horror Dignity I’ve buried deep inside I don’t need no false seduction Devastating slowly in my mind For the emptiness I’m conceived Watching their creepy elaborate art I’m torn asunder in motion Over and over acquiring me Collapsing the chances for me being free... Once you are trapped In such a deep and restless story You will never forget What it means collapsing for it Imprisoned in forgotten dungeon Never forget I’m imprisoned in forgotten dungeon