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My Past Lives (Too Much Joy)

I was Genghis Kahn I was Aristophenes I was a guy named Urgh in 50,000 B.C. I was Rasputin and all the chicks he had I was Catherine the Great I was my mom and dad I've been a butcher I've been a baker I have been a bookmaker I have skippered Clipper ships and dug for undertakers I've lived to be 98 and I have died when I was four I've lived through war and peace and war and war and war and war I could write a book about my past lives I should write a book about my past lives I died three times at Waterloo This life's not the best but at least I'm not you I was Abe Lincoln I was all the slaves he freed This life's not the best but at least you're not me I've been French noblemen and I've been Russian peasants I've been somebodies, nobodies, once I was a pheasant Iwas there when Ceasar bled and I followed where Moses led I wrote the words Mohammed said, I kissed the ground where St. Paul tread I was best man when Henry wed, I put the crown on George's head I slept in Washington's bed, I shot John F. Kennedy dead I watched Atlantis sink below, hung out with Bowie at the aAlamo I didn't like being Edgar Allen Poe, I was sick a lot whe I was Rimbaud I helped the druids build Stonehenge, me and Buddha invented Zen Once I borrowed Shakespeare's pen, Joan of Arc was my best friend