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William Holden Caulfield (Too Much Joy)

He called me William holden caulfield It was no compliment What's wrong with William holden caulfield All that stuff that bummed me out ten years ago Still bugs me today, and boy i wanna know Who died and made you my mom and me some stupid kid How can you forget all those things we did So keep on sleeping on Till your hair is grey When I turn eighty I better feel this way I'm afraid of people who like _catcher_in_the_rye_ Yeah, i like it too, but someone tell me why People he'd despise say i feel like that guy I don't wanna grow up 'cause i don't wanna die When i'm thirty-one Then keep living on For fifty more years I respect the man in _sunset_boulevard_ Got a heart somewhere just won't let down his guard Doesn't trust happiness or the bad luck that it brings He's lonely and he's cold and he's proud of these things I said i'm cold And i'm lonely I'm proud of these things