(V) (Vampires on Tomato Juice)

Die... For you... Tonight... To save you... The voices tell him he should dress like a bat To be the darkest knight To be the savior for you all The voices tell him he should not be afraid To leave his shadow behind Once and for all - for all The voices tell him that he can't leave this town To fight the evil inside To save the poor - the poor And when the night is dark and clear Fear and the spirit in the atmosphere We are here - together - always - forever We will save you Don't be afraid - we're watching the shadows We'll protect you Yes you are safe - the evil is sippin' our spunk Yes it's true - we are watching over you We are watchin' over - we are watchin' over you... They say we're stronger than the grief all around Inside our chest made of steel There is a heart of gold They say we´re focusing on good things in life We leave the shallow behind So they will fall We will - save you - we will - lead you... We have a binocular