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All In Your Mind (Snowgoons)

The brain controls every human action, voluntary or involuntary. Every breath, every heartbeat, every emotion. If the soul exists, it exists in the brain. As a lyricist I flip scripts way on some different shit And spit to pick at your brain like The Mentalist Though some bump their gums like a tattle-tale I'm top gun, number one like an alpha male Nightingale fly in the pole position So sick niggas forfeit of their own volition While I chief on organic plants To keep my brain performance enhanced Plus my third eye wide, can't override my hard drive No jive, I pass you by to the far side Cause encounters of unusual rhymes Off the powers of a beautiful mind And it's a shame some lames can't manage How the ways of the game can make you brain-damaged But what you seek you shall find If you just peek inside, use the eye in your mind Yo, it's all in your mind so go hard in your grind Like your soul's on the line Time is the inner mind's eye If you just keep it wide you can see through the lies Cause it's all in your mind To survive in hard times you can't stall on your grind You never know what you'll find If you open your mind cause it's all in your mind It's all in your mind, it's all in your mind, it's all in your mind Is it all in your mind? Hey yo they listen through the fiber optics Don't try your options, provide the doctrine And eyes is watching illegal connections The eagle's nest is the people's death In the center of the beast with wings, receive the message Police investing, crime profit the deepest essence But my mind acknowledges nervous habits as secrets present Stay wary, bring war on the god, turn to Ares Thinking prepares me, no talking from where you squares be The nature of the beast is beyond what you can think It's instinct that make the pope turn your chest to miss me Simply I do cause I gotta, not cause I oughta The ghetto saga, raised with no father?, I move proper, psyched out bitches is head doctors Crazy bitch dropped a few bugs in my apartment Got love for mary jane like Peter Parker with? Got music in my veins, you hear the bass when my heart pump Through my mind's eye saw a long time pass by Move with a cold shoulder, arm pointed all times Feet in the fire while the beast behind So I stick and move like Ali in his prime It's just my will to survive Primal instinct, my DNA ties, strong minds Long lives we live, some cursed, some doing a bid Locked in a box where the animals live Burning the piff while I roll with the cannibal kids Some Hannibal shit, live a life on the whim out on a limb Nice with hands, nice with the gun, nice with the pen Mentally prepared for the win Black hoodies, black shirt, black Timbs Black burner, black ski mask and accidents Black trash bags and packages It's all mathematics, you living life backwards Lhus is gifted, I keep my feet planted when I'm lifted Get levitated with force before my target but missed it Stay spliffted, I roll the dice with antichrist Communicating through mics with families in afterlife I seen the poltergeist, it arose through smoke and lights Broke the ice with visions of armageddon, the return of Christ I see burning ice and the loss of Earth's gravity Insanity, slipping away but something was grabbing me The hands of space, I was chosen to procreate By an alien race ten million light years away What a beautiful thing, so great that I couldn't see Billions of people on earth but they chose me Slowly my brain took on this incredible thought Looked down upon Earth as it was falling apart I blacked out from the image and when I opened my eyes To my surprise I realised you're living life just to die You still wonder why