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Gunz (Snowgoons)

Yeah...Peace to the god, Jus Allah Doujah Raze, what up? Snowgoons (Peace) Boot Camp...what up? German Lugers...aiyyo... The god send you back to the Earth from which you came Backsmack Earth, wind, fire and rain Elemental, the god get busy to instrumentals Yeah you get busy, but that's all in your mental I sent you a note sayin', "Son, don't rhyme" You ain't listen, in turn he got burnt with the nine Here's a gun, there's a gun, just...everywhere's a gun I guess everybody pussy, scared to shoot a fair one I will Larry Holmes your dome, Shane Mosley your homey Felix Trinidad your dad, duke you don't know me Riddick Bowe my ho, punch the bitch in the face Run up on her like anime, eat this cake Eat this eight, slugs inside of your mug Got the Eagle from Balegal plus I'm puffin' on drugs I'll wrap your dome, no dough, no rap Freebies get VD, yo ass get "clap," P! "We got guns!" "Got them German Lugers, with them hollow tips" "Guns!" "Put a fuckin' bullet in your lips, swallow this!" Are your parents home? You're not old enough to be left alone May I come in? I have to use the telephone So, what's to do 'round here for fun? I know, show me where dad keeps the guns Look inside the barrel, I think it's not loaded Pull the trigger back, here, hold it Oops, my bad, you're fuckin' dead now, look what you did A little soul, arose up out the little kid Are you a bad ghost or a good ghost? Man I'm bored, I gotta go now, thanks, you've been a good host Now time to light the good smoke Aww shit, I left the bag of trees in my other cloak I'm tryin' to get blazed, what the fuck's on? P and Doujah Raze Each second I'm sober is like days I need the bright green haze inside my head So I can laugh about your silly little child that's dead Take a toke, this perfect When I fill my lungs with the smoke and start workin' Leave the mic hurtin', murkin' on you mercenaries You ain't got no rhymes duke, searchin' through the dictionary, keep my diction scary Peep the visionary as I creep precision carry through the deep I throw shade on your sleep, yeah Come one, come all, it's the bumrush You can find your face on the floor with your lung dust The fuck? These mic skills are no frills And I don't need the hype of the blow and no pills And I can take a flight 'cross the ocean, no bills And I can keep my height through the low with no ills And I can build overseas with the boom Sean P., Doujah Raze, Jus Allah in the room, yeah Smokin' boom, gettin' regular Tryin' to get some food for the show, madness, et cetera, yeah Snowgoons...DJ Illegal Dat...We up in Germany Deutschland, muthafuckas "We got guns!"