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Iceman (Snowgoons)

Born out of necessity One day on a cold winter's night Was born the ice man Cymarshall Law, Snow goons I'm cold as ice you know I'm nice There's not a chance that when you roll them dice you better go to Christ But I'm holding mics my pen panda stroll like dolo mice If papa got your back that chewie when Han solo fights Since I was a kiddie young professor and stole them bikes I took no advice and said that I was gonna own my life A great game takes sacrifice I know the price Don't show what hurts caus some will think I got a solo vice Rap boss flow colder than Jack Frost Don't act lost just take notes from this strapped cause Wrap my arm as I'm leaving to travel And learn how to stay calm in the heat of the battle If you're a thinker then you'll know laws a ninja And my foes fall like the thought of winter This is hip-hop grafted with skill The iceman made it for you to chill I'll never loose my cool, it's the Iceman I'm a always be fresh, it's the Iceman The one you just can't phase, it's the Iceman Everybody claiming John blazed on ice man And I came through the storm, it's the Iceman But I still remain strong, it's the Iceman I got the right plan never can I can Make everybody say Iceman The evilness in this track will make the heavens gates close and the tabernacles crack It's my season ace a never leave a beat to waste When rappers see my face they always freeze in place To see what I can do I'm on point like an icicle I spin kick like bicycle this shit I write for you Blows in heads and bump diss to the coldest stare You know my ways I stare at you with a frozen gaze I mean bis rain sweet house know When I fail no, break no, caus I got a great flow Ever since I was a little kid who used to taste no But these scrawny dude all be acting like they ain't know I'm unaffected last time I checked it Law and Snowgoons ya'll show toons can get the exit Step quick you don't rep shit you ain't respected They call me iceman caus no ones as fresh as me Ya'll get high and stale I'm in the game for long jerody DJ's play that wax and ya'll keep creating raps Snowgoons is like Bigfoot the way they be making tracks Listen Marshal never wear that cut cookie saw That's so cold brothers gotta put a hoodie on Simply coulda thrown on gloves too I make songs ice cold bitches wanna fuck to Mic check one two Watch what I come through There's a lot of fake in this world but I come true