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Man Of The Year (Snowgoons)

I'm just a small man living in the land of big dreams Looks like I finally made it to the big leagues The show goes on at least according to Siegfried International man of mystery and intrigue Best believe this cat's from the best breed Action packed, black power and prestige Flow is needed, not a pain or a pet peeve I'm a still remain and entertain until the guests leave And even if we don't really have a lot Tonight we going to make it pop like it's Camelot Bring it off the block let it knock at you travel stop My Hip-Hop makes the whole damn castle rock It's the guy with his eyes on the prize The super heavy duty extra large king size Get hypnotized and remember the rhymes Cause anything less would be uncivilized Get it up, get, get it up, get it up Got, got, got to get it up (for the man of the year) Get it up, get it up, get, get it up Got, got, got to get it up (raise your glasses and cheer) Just get it up (in your town) Just get it up (hear the sound) Just get it up (get it down) Just get it up (all around) Enemies beware; my raps are fire-y Sort of like Shakespeare's dramatic irony Pros go from skid row to high society But I must say I display a wide variety I'm really that fresh, fill the top entirety All access, you should stop denying me I warn any thug who even thinks of trying me Say no to drugs, you should try sobriety I maim the crippled guys with pain intensified Ready to rock and roll with more Soul than Triple 5 I'm make a haunted castle come alive And anything less would be uncivilized Send the DJ to the royal vault So he can spin the record while the Emperor talks If the people don't move is it really your fault? Then we can hit the floor and do the Emperor's waltz My rap radiates and makes the ladies shake And you can bet what I rep is presented great Some might debate the respect that I generate They just want to hate, I'm a man of exquisite taste Rap etiquette and fly tight tunes Any manuscript I write rhymes like ruins New world rapper making old world moves Phantom of the Opera meets the Snowgoons Local rap seen on TV screen Try to intervene and get sent to the guillotine I go to extremes not to be denied And anything less would be uncivilized