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Never (Snowgoons)

Yup! A.O.T.P., JuJu Mob Reef the Lost Cauze, Snowgoons, another class This for all you hatin-ass bastards This what I tell 'em nowadays Yo, yo, from the city of Godless, Philly the hardest It don't matter what I say they wouldn't kill me regardless They say I'm a MC but really an artist Simply DaVinci, peep your paint and draw it But I'm not animated like a cartoon My posessed work, spear your flesh like harpoon All you, are now in tune, to the illest MC's Try to mimic but don't sound as cool How can you dupe a dummy, astound a fool Spit so much, you will drown in drool You're a bunch of clowns and coons that'll get found in dunes A plastic hammer, basically a childish tool You wild as who; I defile your crew You must be trippin like a thousand 'shrooms - I'm the truth You're the lie in the flesh, I put tires to neck They describe you as sex, I'm as live as it gets PUSSY~! Stop gettin your words tangled Fuck around and just get your whole earth mangled You be the first strangled, I come to your show Beat you down and then kill it at your merch table You can hate all you want, you will never beat it You can fake all you want, you will never beat it You can wait all you want, you will never see it You talk a lot of shit, but you ain't never mean it You starvin out here dawg, you are never eatin I'm walkin out here dawg, we are never leavin You hold a gun and get chunked, you will never squeeze it I had a gun all my life, and I ain't never need it I walk a strip that's narrow with a clique of pharoahs Splits fifths and barrels in sick apparel Kids is scarecrows I roll with Snowgoons and they don't sing Christmas carols No Frosty or Rudolph, you awfully and too soft You fuckin SUCK, you lost me at two bars All I got in this world, a word and two balls I'm in the wilderness, spitting moose calls I am vermouth raw, you're a goofball That's why no one knows who the fuck you are I don't own a new car, I'm too far ahead of the traffic I'm beheadin you bastards With the most majestic of magic, well not really But you all gettin your ass kicked I spit battle raps to no one in particular Just to do it and to remind MC's that I'm I'll as fuck The killer cause, with a killer buzz I'm high, plus on the streets I got a killer buzz Copped your CD I feel you cause, it's feeler music Now I know what they mean by filler, what Never, never, no, never Never, never Snowgoons, Reef the Lost Cauze We got another one This need to be the fuckin, lead-off single and shit with the video F'real, y'understand Ain't nobody fuckin with this man, you know that HAHAHA, I'm just playin - well not really But I'm... I'm OUT~!