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Raining (Snowgoons)

She looks from side to side The tear drops fill her eyes Cause once again she hears the sound of... It's insane when your brain filled with black rain Yo when it rains it pours, I leave oceans on the floor When I perform motherfuckers ain't ready for Brainstorm Some like to bust slugs, I like to show much love Your rhymes just shizzle son, My flow flash floods Cause of these rain drops keep falling on my head But what it is, I'm thinking in my head is how I'm trying to get fed I'm trying to break bread with my motherfucking friends And get shit off my chest and out from under my skin Because I'm smarter now, fully fucking focused, working harder now I make it rain in the game, that's why it's watered down So call your technical because the boy is foul They say I'm crazy wild with the smooth and style You got that booty style, you know that straight ass You're gonna see me in your motherfucking forecast Look Fat Joe and Lil Wayne, I make it rain Crush you and motherfucker that's a clique that I claim man Once again she hears the sound of showers Rain drops keep falling on my head Once again she hears the sound of showers It's insane when your brain feel the black rain Yo you know who it is Jaysaun, catch me smack dab in Berlin blowing an el On my way down to purgatory throwing a shell Cause I'm already knowing I'm going to Hell To meet the Devil, before I go I got a story to tell I spent my whole life hustling, wrestling fiends You know the label's called Duck Down, Special's the team My nigga look no further, I'm the best in the Bean Dorchester's upper echelon, the rest is a dream I'm a ghetto boy, mind playing tricks all on me On the Autobahn in Amsterdam, bitch all on me My time's finally come, I can't say too soon In an '88 Regal with the Snowgoons riding Boston to the European Union Does your album have room to let a Beantown goon in? (Let me in!) Too late now, fuck you pay me I've been cursed with an evil verse, you can't save me Once the arrow launch you'll get fat then skinny Like Pharaoh Munch, mouth dry, throat parched Beef bums with a barstool in a small pub Drinking beers and? They ask why I do it so soon Cause it's Edo and illegal in the Snowgoons Don't diss records on iTunes Meet me in the center at high noon Heads get popped like birthday balloons Fresh blood ain't red, homie it's maroon We attack pain, you attract plain It's insane when your brain feel the black rain Welcome to the rap game Stick up the rich and smack fame Cause you act lame, Special Teamz the name Edo G, Jaysaun, and Slaine, let's go