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Diffused In A Dream (WAYD)

Hey, enchanter, hold on - what are you asking for? Is it my life? - or do you want more? My smile was thrilling through my fingers Non- you found it on your lips Would you like to step nearer to me? Shall I nod to you carelessly? You see, it's deep inside of you and me Taking it out is the touch of death Diffused in a dream My laugh makes your eyes blind to see New roses for all those who arrived New hearts, new beasts and solemn bride So what about the sense of fullness? One of the freezing delicateness of fear Maybe, I'd be diffused in a dream And you'll find the splinters you don't understand Are you afraid of your own tears? Is it hard? It seems not easy to bear Diffused... Hold your breath again Close your eyes & feel your sweaty lips Shine your hours to the land of screams I will overflow you with a pale rainbow I will cut the half of your dream I will paint red your wall of laments Let the play of light begin Hey enchanter...