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It Ain't Hit Me Yet (Randy Montana)

Well, she gave me the kind of goodbye That one of them, you ain't got a Snowballs chance in hell No, would you baby, could you baby, Come on baby, change your mind So I hit the ground running like the devil was on my tail Chorus: Her leavings like a freight train coming at me fast And this whiskey's like a shotgun in the Bottom of my glass Yeah, one of them's gonna get me, The heartache or regret And her being gone or the alcohol, man, It ain't hit me yet No, it ain't hit me yet One more shot might do me in Unless that bar band plays another lonesome song The other night when she was mine, I would've liked a slow dance Right now you need to turn it up or turn it off Repeat Chorus Six feet under or three sheets to the wind One way or another, I'll be going off the deep-end Outta my mind, long gone when it all sinks in Repeat Chorus No, it ain't hit me yet It ain't hit me yet, it ain't hit me yet