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When Everything Ends (Vladimirs)

The End Is Coming, Insomniactric Haze Visions Of Bodies, Psycho-Death Dream Countless Victims Decorate My Path, Choke That Girl, I Found Her In The Bath. I Know One Time My Mind Was Straight Those Times Are Gone It's Far Too Late And My Girl Is Fucking My Best Friend, I'll Slit Their Throats Tonight, That's When Everything Ends. The End Is Coming, Death Draped On Me A Thousand Voices, Who Was I Meant To Be ? No New Day, No Bright Skies Plunging Downward, That Gets Me High Slow Motion Kills And Whiskey Straight Agony Fiend, I Thrive On Hate And I'm Never Going To Sleep Again Until I'm In A Hearse, That's When Everything Ends. I Hate The Human Race (Not Sorry For How I Feel) This World Is A Disgrace (Don't Matter Who I Kill) Humans Are A Mistake, I'm Losing My Fucking Mind. The End Is Coming