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Ain't No Love (Pooh Man)

Now $hort! I know you didn't think that shit was over, you little ugly ass nigga! Too $hort... Nothin' can save ya ain't no love, $hort (4x) Now mickity mic down Guns out, mothafuckas Lowin' the holes It's the kid from the gutter Punks get on tapes And they sound so real But real niggas don't get in court and squeal Yeah, regard all that punk ass Racia shit Got on the stand and ran your mouth Like a bitch, little snitch Pooh-Man did it! Pooh-Man did it! He made me with it! Court is in session, $hort And you've been indicted Hoe trusta Oakland busta And you gets no love from the gutter See we remember when you had to have A baserock cawy and a nice hot bath Smokin' and chokin', Sir Too $hort Just thinkin' about the day before See you never shouldn't fuck With the real killa I goes deep on you dopefiend nigga Got on the mic and called me a punk And funk is what you want So there it is, junk Dirty, tired, fucked around And get my foot off in his ass Let's hood ride, mob, fuck talkin' bad No punk let?s me check myself, partner I ain't gonna bust ya I rather ride up and drop ya But the rappin' is weak shit And I'm down with this street shit And you ain't shit but a weak bitch The ugliest nigga in rap Try to cap on the nigga From the mothafuckin' hood So when I see you it's all good Too $hort... Nothin' can save ya ain't no love, $hort (4x) Ant Banks: read this... I boarded to your ass last year But you didn't hear me dough It's 94 and Banks need a little more Lips lookin' hell of luscious Digidy down goes my zipper Nigga, you can suck this And you must like slurpin' dicks Because you ridin' on $hort's tip Like a jockin' little bitch Ridin' around in your too-$hort-hand-me-down I left the Dangerous Crew And that's why you're clownin' now The bigidy Banksta ain't no gigidy gigidy gangsta When the truth comes out you ain't shit but a pranksta Try to hang in my hood lookin' out of place With that blank ass look on your face: (What should I do? What should I do?) Now get in where you fit in, chunk can't hang on the block Cause you ain't shit but a punk So I ain't givin' no rule To assume you want some mothafuckin' funk Then bring it to the crew So bring it on if your ass want to trip And to this hollow-tip, bitch Blast that ass, yes I would Cause on the streets, nigga, it's all good Too $hort... Nothin' can save ya ain't no love, $hort Beep, beep, beep Oh, there goes my pager And it's your bitch, yo, I think I best to fade her Took her to the motel parking lot Little light skinned bitch got just a little too hot it's goin' down, pannies comin' off Another tramp bitch got automatically toasted I think you found out and got jealous Cause I was diggin' your bitch And runnin' back tellin' all the fellas But you took her home And wanted to marry the bitch I would dig her in this, mister And bury the bitch Stop spendin' all your cash and fix your teeth $hort Dog must like bein' ugly Came at a nigga wrong Little cavity creep walkin' around with Nikes on Bitch ass nigga ain't got no heart Be ready to finish anythin' your punk ass started Cause I did funk with the best So when you ridin' in your lexus Nigga, put on the vest And stay the fuck out my hood Cause death is a factor and it's all good Too $hort... Nothin' can save ya ain't no love, $hort (4x)