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Ruby (Nicholls Sheila)

Verse 1 Ruby's smiling not because she's happy, but cause she's planning her escape, Ruby's smiling to make sure you feel comfortable inside your smiling world behind your smiling tape Chorus Ruby take us to the Promised Land, Ruby you are Moses with a different band Speak the truth girl so the slaves will understand We'll find our real smiles hidden in the desert sand. Verse 2 No one suspects her no one can see a difference, because she smiles the way you taught her, candy-coated. She can play you better than you ever could play her but its boring she's kind of bloated; and sometimes she finds she will play herself now that is dangerous that is lying. That is lying. So she is leaving she is taking everything, she's not coming back, no she's not coming back. Verse 3 We've seen this smile before on Lillith's as she slammed the door. Left Adam standing in the Garden of Eden he had a hard-on and was ready for breeding, she didn't want but he couldn't hear. She said, Cook your own meals and have a wank my dear.