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The Moth And The Streetlight (Nicholls Sheila)

Verse 1 I knew, I was, treading water, and your baggage floated all around. There were no lifeboats, should I grab a suitcase, it was sink or swim to higher ground. An' I stretch between, telling you everything and nothing at all. Verse 2 Delilah saw the yellow flowers before us, just in case you didn't know. They rooted for me because I wore their colors, told me not to linger, just grow. I'm glad us girls could get over Salem, not divide each other not watch each other fall. Verse 3 I deliver what I want you to see, just like you have always done for me, but this can never be a war. The object of this game is to leave with an equal score. Verse 4 And the moth and the streetlight were in their infinite tease, and Icarus shouted down from the clouds and the trees, well he tried to warn them both, be careful of the fire, be careful of the air, for he will never tire and she is rarely fair. Loves not the illusion of desire, still he tried to break their stare, what choices will you make he said with failure in his smile, I'm sure this beauty's fake, I'm sure this love is vile. Verse 5 But the moth just saw the fire beautiful fire, kept her warm and was fuel for her dance. The lamp marveled as she swam through the air, is that something, was that something, maybe something there. When you leave, I can feel you slide away, that's just fine, guess you were never meant to stay.