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Branded (Dope D.O.D.)

Intro] This next band asked me not to read this But...goddammit, I'm going to read it anyway Because I wrote it, and it's the truth I f**king love this band! They are the best band ever... PERIOD! Ladies and gentleman... [Jay Reaper] Dope D.O.D punk, this in your junk Time to get f**ked up, yo Skits pass me that skunk It's time to get drunk and down with the funk No junk, only hang with niggas on the top bunk (Booze and bitches) Niggas watching television Well let me creep up and get down with business Tonight I'll show you niggas what I'm made of My main man Skitz down to ride Now take off [Skitz Vicious] It pay off More rappers stay soft It even makes it easy to rip them on my day off Pray to god, you people need to shape And chew up, your the shrooms I just ate up (Say what?!) Well soon you won't say much Unless you have the tolerance levels that Jay's got Early birds wake up when we pass out Welcome to the rave club Formal than your dad's house [Jay Reaper] So we crashed the whole building with a drunk driver No survivors Taking niggas down like low riders The Street Fighter, I kick, cut and beat minors Who are making babies steps I will leap higher (Are you ready for the real hardcore shit?!) Anything else right now is less important Best to be cautious Before we toss you to heaven Today we're set to blow up man He's eleven [Skitz Vicious] Eleven, snakes, Skitz, slither when I whisper Follow women at home, I don't follow you on Twitter I'm too busy getting wasted and famous Thin Lizzy got them raising they whiskey Toast to the greatest, we poach the betrayers Got a venue tonight so I know where the prey is Just arrived and already on my fifth beer This place is alive because ghost Town is in here! [Jay Reaper & Skitz Vicious - 2x] We branded our name on the planet Now everyone in the game wanna have us We just wanna get paper (get a laugh) Make you (give it up) Straight up (live it up)