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Candy Flipping (Dope D.O.D.)

[Verse 1- Skitz Vicious] Everyday I got a choice to make I got a joint to blaze so, I think I'll start the morning with a wake & bake Skitz V ain't a slave so I take a break And watch as people go to work in the strangest space Take a whip-it with my mate and feel my brain delay It's been at least 2 hours since we ate the cake Now, some turn lame and need a change of pace And in that case, I hate to say I'll stay this way I let a blue pill dilate my left eye Only when I get high Yea that's the next night And when the atmosphere's just right I got the overseas shit That's globally the Best Buy (Girl you look fly in the state that I'm f**king you) Don't ask twice, yo We taking another shoot Cuz the night is young So are we So before it's through Acid, pot, or pills Is what we're gonna do [Hook:Skits Vicious] (Acid, pot, or pills) So much things that we may choose (Acid pot or pills) Don't matter what choice we make You know we ain't nothing to lose (Acid, pot, or pills) So many different things to try, So much that we may choose (Acid, pot, or pills) Don't matter what choice we make You know we ain't nothing to lose [Verse 2- Dopey Rotten] So where to go? And what to take? It's all off the record No diggin' no crates I'm gonna cut the grass so I can see the snakes Me and my crew here to clean the slates Take a handful of pills, Go see Brazil Maybe take acid And visit Lake Placid So much things to try before I'm in my casket D.O.P.E Peep the way this was crafted Roll with me if you wanna know who dope is Roll with the duo and you'll know where the show is Girl hit this and come fly with me I control this, XB 360 I never come down I like being airborne See it all differently and feel reborn Elevate your mind when you bump this song (Acid, pot, or pills) That's what we on [Hook] [Verse 3- Jay Reaper] Well let me choose then I think I'll take acid later when I'm cruising Now I pop a little ex and start soothing Relax and coolin Then Jimi Hendrix came through the door and started grooving Roll up the hashish and perform rap magic Then f**k the redhead from the movie Roger Rabbit (Drugs are my habit) Gimmie the pills, gimmie the acid Let me have it, feel fantastic Anything you need I got that shit in my pocket I'll take you to another planet, mind skyrocket I'm way too high Normally known as the cool guy, But now when I'm sniffing lines look like shoe-ties I'm not too wise And when I say "Drugs are bad" Yea I do lie, My whole crew lie Matter of fact the whole world is poppin the pills Light a fat one And pass it to capitol hill [Hook]