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Darkage (Dope D.O.D.)

[Verse 1: Dopey Rotten] You need protected custody, if you dare to f**k with me Murder in the 1st degree, I don't kill them softly Plastic surgery, is what you're gonna need You're messed up, feel the wrath of the wicked free A dark age, dark ways in this poetry You see the light, I see the dark and it's holding me Voices in my head, always listen closely Think again, cuz you can't just approach me Give rappers skull fractures, it's on G You were rolling with the crew, now you're lonely I'm in the zone, see? I'm far out there Never unprepared, got knowledge I won't share It's over your head, danger beware I'm looking down from the top of the stairs Decapitate your head, hold it by the hair Let the gods know, the sacrifice is dead What the f**k's going on? Danger! The only thing you can feel is the pain... [Verse 2: Skitz Vicious] I'm ancient patient of Satan There's agents, tracing this pagan When I'm taping, masons macing Hibernation, missing, late Spring Rap raven, take bling, gray skin When I'm raging, I tase 'em, brain dead Shit I'm changing Stations, playing lame, fake, same shit day in, day out Slaying zombies at my steakhouse (Planet terror) Let my shotty blow brains out (Splatter matter) Woodstock to might come next, is deadly You'll get chopped up and buried in the soil of the Serengeti We turn prairies to cemeteries It ain't a fairy tale, I'm married, to Bloody Mary I kissed the bride with a sharp blade And watch the 21st Century turn into a dark age What the f**k's going on? Danger! The only thing you can feel is the pain... [Verse 3: Jay Reaper] Mad skills, now I won't pass them to the next man Higher chief fist Pack a sword in my left hand Intestines, spreading many infections Hip-Hop pills, I want the number one hit man I feel the energy of enemies to start flinching Telekinesis, I'mma split your mind like Brown Derren Pretty sickening, the way I make infliction On light-fret skin, ever course skinless skin I'm a serious sinner Make your body disappear like a serial killer What I see in the mirror, is the creature Jay Domma Cuz I be f**king niggas up, worse than karma So call your momma (The bitch ain't coming) Cuz she is getting f**ked in the depths of my dungeon From London to Ghost Town Niggas to concave Cuz everyone here is living in the dark age