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Mothership (Dope D.O.D.)

Jay: I came back / for payback / landed in my spacecraft / niggaz ask who the f**k I be / the god who made rap / I go way back / I'm the one abduct your kids outta your residence / I'm the one who told George Bush that he could be a President / I'm the evidence / for intelligent / life forms / yours never been / no matter what you say irrelevant / I don't f**k with lower specimens / created in my image but your lyrics more like shitty gimmicks / no deliverance / I pull the plugg and burn your whole village / I came back anonymous / my real name is Xenu / my mission kill all the scientologists / I'm honourless / and masonry I'm high in it / plus the fact my spacecraft is build by the best german scientist / let me cut ya / let me rupture / blow your mind like bolts of thunder / all the ladies say I love ya / we the lords of up and under / the species eat lychees / turn people into pc's / and bleed peeps like kishi's / more evil / believe me. Skits: Piercing the ozon, we're too far to phone home / we grow clones and sip broken bones from snowcones / go head and throw know that wont postpone / the moment ya dome blows in half when I hit the target / I be the artist from another planet / with unidentified language, technoligy and mattechnoligy and mathmatics / Tidal wave surfer, carving tribal lyrics /I spray painted my UFO with hyroglyphics . Dope: Update intelligence ya need to get with it / Pay visits stay wicked you'll be saying aliens did it / Ancient astronaut with fire power that will blow your planet up / Now all that's left is just some shattered rocks / Out of place artifacts people need to face the facts / Higher beings are the ones that gave us that / Who built the pyramids they came from the Mothership / Let non believer's think that we don't exist. Skits: Cause we on some other shit, roaming through ya crib / protected by the goverment, we probe you in our ship / (we) cover every continent, they put us on their pedistole / we're burning up fossil fuels, stealing precious jewels / we far ahead of you, you dont know what the answer iz / when I tell you amatures my cannabis iz amethist / you wanna have eternal life ya gotta cross the bridge... / mummified we rock mics in our sarcophagus... Dope: We ain't switching sides no matter what the offer is / We opposites listen to the message that we transmit / Who can make the sun eclipse Stephen hawking knows of it / Ufo's black holes stars and the unknown / The milky way is our home yours is a danger zone / Yes were always watching so ya never alone / If we come down to land than your problems will grow / Watch armageddon unfold from the front row.