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Pandora's Box (Dope D.O.D.)

Rough and ruggish, shine like a gold nugget its dope DOD and the ark of the covenent the artist you loving gotten off with concussion its the cane now a days i'ts all talk and no bustin' drop a lotta shit and its only worth flushing The issue you ain't touching, lingerie crossing you ought to know something its a home coming yo that means we return to continue bone crushin' we keep rocking you say nothing dope DOD's gonna put you in your coffin six feet deep nigga no more coughin' coz we blowin' up your lungs like a homo pop band my first jaw drop and I pull a knife out and gouge eyes out, leave a live crowd wiped out black horrors, man slaughter, lean forward and open the box of pandora! dark side of the scene, we look mean, transport my energy into to a death beam the best team turn teens into crack fiends i'm a dick you a puss it's a sex scene smack drag queens at your sweet 16 then ask maureen for a m-16 shoot twenty rounds and my hands still clean not an eye witness escape from me nope 'coz i'm the grandson that's least handsome at the playground to hand out hand guns well let me blast one oh yeah let's have fun I make the kids on the court yell "redrum" I'm a crack shot aimed with perfection you got a sling shot that ain't protection lethal injection shittin on the rest coz i got evil intentions pressed on my chest a street load of henchmen that choose fate i lift heads side tails a coin toss of the two face gather rays chopped up in a suit case waste of space no place in this crusade its too late coz now we roll with the best of hip hop get cops getting jacked with my red socks let me connect the dots let me unlock the secrets of pandora's box The dark side of the moon is a big void, as we breathe in the air like pink floyd we decide what is best with a quick choice i live in my own world like a skitzoid outside the box you can't touch these boys you inside the box and we kill your noise we open the box and self destruct to dust getting tossed in the melting pot