The Promise (Pinder Mike )

The world is full of people, Some are trying to lend a hand To help us learn to recognize, So we can understand That life holds many secrets, They stand before our doors... Admit the ones you're hiding now, So you may know them all... Twelve vibrations long ago are the cause Of me and mine, and you and yours. Just let them be, and the doors will open wide To paintings on the rocks, gigantic stonehenge blocks, The pyramids, and the sphinx, The temples are the links To lead us through our past, so we might find Ourselves at last... The first book ever written Was a symbol of our home, It came from solar heaven, Where our life wave was born. We came in ships a-singing The praise of one above, Like children in a garden, Our hearts were full of love... Ezekiel's wheels seem to be turning up now... The pillar of fire, a luminous cloud, I know I've seen them, And they do make a sound... They filled my soul with "music of the spheres" It's been my goal for nine long years To write this song... So I can say... Exactly what I believe is coming down... Oh sweet loving music, I hear your tender call. To me, you are a river, pure love your waterfall. A tide forever bathing a rough and rocky shore... Please take us on a journey, so we can learn some more. I dream by day... I dream by night Through coloured rays, I feel your might... And now I claim my right... A son of god, Eternal life...... The promise of your rainbow light.