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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Get Up And Get Down (The Dramatics)

Come on Come along Come on and get up, get down (Get up) and get down Get up out of your seat (Get up) and get down Get up and move your feet (Come on and) rise, rise, rise Shake your hips (Get up) let me see you (I wanna see you) Let me see your tight wire come alive (Get up) you ain't too old (You ain't too hip) (get up) I ain't asking for a cartwheel (A somersault) or no flip I just want you to (Get up) now look at mama (Look at mama) She'll tear you up (get up) To make sure you feel the cool I get to turn the music up (Get up) clap your hands Stomp your feet (get up) Keep in time with the music Get on down with the beat I just want you to Come on Come on and get down Get up and get down Come on, girl, oh, ooh [Chorus x2]