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Halls of Terror (Morbid Saint)

Bodies laid to rest existence in your state of mind At dawn they'll rise following you from behind An image that you see evil has come to speak to me Penetrating through your brain corpses driving me insane They live through me and tell me tales of when they lived and how they failed To drain the life from the weak and tame commanding me to kill again Fulfill the wish that they command they need the strength of every man Enough to keep the army from desecrating the remains You loose the way, the will to die so hold your fuckin' self uphigh Pleading for unholy death evil takes your last breath Evil soldiers came to life so keep them hidden from the light Tortured man you want to save and drag him to the holy grave Many years have passed the place has grown like a part of me See them as my friend who will never set me free Many years we had slow them to our thoughts of rage ready to decide will he ever set them free Build up the army's of the dead weaken the wills of the slaves we bred Come forth to lead and command The leaders of the world are the soldiers of the damned Turning slowly what you know into thoughts of corruption The world will soon meet deaths defeat underlying souls repeat The pleading that is never heard undertaking Satan's work Soon as the fog has lifted remnants of our worlds debris life has been extracted devastation all you see Halls of terror Armageddon on command Halls of terror our worlds destruction by Satan's hand