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You (Amy Lee)

OK...for the LAST TIME. It is NOT an "Evanescence" song. Period. The end. No ifs ands or buts about it. It is an AMY LEE song. Amy said so herself. It was NOT meant for people other than the person she made it for. Some jerk decided to take it and give it to people. He even had the odasity to put it on a "bonus" CD for people that bought Origin. Here is what Ben had to say about it on V1 of the board: "Since Origin, he has taken the liberty of connecting himself with everything we've ever done. He even has gone to a studio that we recorded at (the owner of which was a friend of his) and made cd's of songs he was never supposed to have. One song in particular, was VERY private. He was FORBIDDEN to show it to anyone, since there was no way I could actually be sure I had every copy. COUNTLESS times people have commented on that song and how he showed it to them. When confronted, he just denies it or says that they heard it on accident or some bullshit. there's a very good chance some of you have it on your computer RIGHT NOW." So that's it. That's all you need to know. NO MORE QUESTIONS. So please if you do have it delete it, or respect amy's wishes and don't listen to it!